Design Review

The Homestead Farm II development is a Covenant Controlled Community. The Covenants were developed by the original homebuilder, Sanford Homes. The Covenants established the Design Review Committee and set forth restrictions on construction, maintenance and improvements you can make to your property. Homeowners must obtain approval from the Design Review Committee before work starts on any construction, maintenance or improvements made to their property.

Because the Covenants did not contain criteria or guidelines for approval, the Residential Improvement Guidelines (Guidelines) were established in 1993. The Guidelines provide more detail on improvements that have been approved in the past and provide documentation for the Design Review Committee and the Board of Directors to ensure that they make fair and consistent approvals or disapprovals.

Copies of both the Covenants and the Residential Improvement Guidelines are available here or by contacting the Design Review Committee.
Residential Improvement Guidelines and Amendments

To obtain approval prior to beginning work on your home remodeling, landscaping, construction, maintenance or property improvement project, please contact the Design Review Committee by email or mail.

HFII – Design Review
PO Box 5368
Englewood, CO 80155

The following information is provided on the website for the more common home improvement topics or questions. Please refer to the Guidelines for more detail on these topics and for additional topics not listed below.

Paint Colors

If you are changing the paint colors of your house siding, trim, shutters, front door or garage door, you must submit paint color samples or paint manufacturer and color codes to the Design Review Committee for review. No approval is required if you are not changing the existing paint colors.

Roofing Materials

A list of the approved roofing suppliers, materials and colors is provided here or by contacting the Design Review Committee. If the roofing material and color selected are on the list, no approval is required. Any other roofing material or color must be submitted to the Design Review Committee for review.
Approved Roofing Materials

Exterior Shutters

If you are replacing exterior shutters, they must be the same size and style as those originally installed by Sanford Homes on your home model. The majority of home models have the “Allegro” style wooden shutters with 1 ¼” louvers. The one exception is the Charleston home model which had the “Raised Solid Panel” style wooden shutter. More details on style, size, and where to obtain replacement shutters is provided here or by contacting the Design Review Committee.
Exterior Shutters

Garage Doors

The original garage doors installed by Sanford had either four solid panels high and four solid panels across (single doors) or four solid panels high and eight solid panels across (double doors). In 2009, the Guidelines were revised to allow windows in the top panel of the garage door. The specific style and shape of the door windows is provided here or by contacting the Design Review Committee. No approval is required if replacing the doors with the original solid panel door or with doors with the approved window style.
Garage Door with Windows Amendment


The older sections of HFII have individual mailboxes while the newer sections have multiple locking mailboxes. The individual mailboxes must be replaced with the standard cedar wrapped metal mailbox. The details and current source for obtaining these mailboxes is provided here or by contacting the Design Review Committee. Mailbox coverings must be maintained and be replaced if the cedar wrapping is broken or partially missing. If replacing these mailboxes with the approved style, no approval is required.


If you are replacing your windows they must be replaced with the standard double hung style with grids that were originally installed by Sanford Homes. If replacing with these style windows no approval is required. The Design Review Committee feels it is important to maintain the grids in as many windows as possible – especially the sides of your home that face the street or greenbelt. Some exceptions have been made by the Committee in the past including privacy glass for bathroom windows, no grids for patio doors or small kitchen windows and the use of casement windows for bathrooms or kitchens. All “non-standard” or “non-grid windows” requests must be submitted to the Design Review Committee for review.

Decks, Patios, Concrete Work, Landscape Revisions

The sidewalks located at the street are maintained by the City of Centennial. Any addition or replacement of homeowner’s sidewalk, porches or decks require approval by the design review committee. Approval is not required if replacing in-kind.

Storage Sheds & Playhouses

Storage or tool sheds are not allowed. Children’s playhouses are allowed but require approval by the design review committee.

Trash Receptacle Storage

Trash containers must be stored in the garage and outdoor trash enclosures are not permitted. Trash containers should not be placed on the curb for pick-up earlier than the evening before trash pick-up.

Perimeter Fence, Homeowners Fence and Stain

The HFII homeowners association is responsible for the repairs or replacement of cedar slats or posts to the perimeter fence only. If you are unsure if your fence is a perimeter fence please contact the HFII business manager for assistance. Homeowners may also report the need for perimeter fence repairs by contacting the HFII business manager.

The design, height and style of fence that can be installed by homeowners is specified in the Guidelines (see section 2.29 and figures 1-6 and amendment #9 to the guidelines). If replacing a fence in-kind, approval is not required. Residents are encouraged to inform and work with their neighbors when installing a new fence or different fence design between their properties.

Homeowners that replace or repair their individual non-perimeter fences are encouraged to use the same stain and color that is used for the perimeter fence. The current stain is a Sherwin Williams Woodscapes Semi-Transparent Exterior House Stain. The formula for the stain can be obtained by clicking on the link below or by contacting the design review committee.
Fence Stain Specifications
Fence Stain Formula


No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any part of the properties except that not more than two dogs, cats or other household pets may be kept on any lot.

The City of Centennial is responsible for animal control and barking dogs in our neighborhood.

Campers, Trailers, Motorhomes, Boats

No trailer, motorhome, camper or boat should be parked in the driveway or street by a resident or visitor for long periods of time. Residents are encouraged to be considerate of neighbors when parking such vehicles.

Residents, for the purpose of preparing for or returning from trips, and guests, visiting a resident, may park such vehicles for several hours to facilitate such purposes, however, in no instance shall such parking be on a multi-day or overnight basis.