Tennis Courts

Homestead Farm II is fortunate to have a vibrant tennis community with state of the art tennis courts. There are four courts located near the pool and playground off Kettle Avenue. With a ratio of 400 homes to four courts court time is readily available.

The four courts are separated by a greenbelt that runs through the neighborhood and are referred to as the “upper” and “lower” courts. The lower courts to the west (Courts 1 and 2) were completely rebuilt in 2001 using the highest quality construction technique – post tension concrete, and has been resurfaced recently. The upper courts (Courts 3 and 4) were redone in 2013 using the same approach. As a result, the surface of all courts will continue to provide for quality play well into the future.

Homestead Farm II residents are given keys for access to the courts upon moving into the neighborhood. Please refrain from providing keys to non-residents and follow all of the tennis court rules.

Each spring the courts are looked over and recommendations are made for maintenance/upgrades. Please contact Anna Carmondy with requests or comments.